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Blue Shield of CA | Home


Blue Shield of California employees, take advantage of your personalized benefits program.

Auto & Home

    • Makes it easy to compare auto insurance quotes from multiple top insurance companies
    • Lets you quickly switch coverage if you find savings
    • Helps you customize coverage options
    • Allows you to compare multiple home insurance quotes with your current coverage
    • Makes it easy to switch coverage if you find savings 
    • Quotes coverage for houses, condos, apartments, and more

Family & Personal Well-Being

    • Identity, financial account, and credit monitoring
    • Coverage for everyone under your roof/wallet — no matter their age
    • 24/7 alerts and fraud recovery
    • Pays you cash back for eligible vet bills
    • Use any vet in the United States
    • Coverage for illness, accidents, and more

Financial Support

    • Gives you access to thousands of name-brand products online
    • Enjoy your purchase now while you pay over time
    • Manageable, fixed payments right from your paycheck

Life & Health

    • Provides added financial security for covered accident expenses
    • Gives a benefit payment directly to you (unless otherwise assigned)
    • Use your benefit payment any way you choose
    • Helps give your family valuable financial security
    • Provides permanent life insurance with additional benefits for care
    • Comprehensive coverage in your home, your community, assisted living facility or nursing home

Program Advantages


Special group rates

Receive exclusive rates that are typically lower than what you can find on your own


It’s your choice

Choose the benefits that fit your individual needs and customize to you.


Coverage that goes where you go

Move certain benefits along with you if you change employers

These voluntary benefits are sponsored by Mercer and are 100% employee-paid. Your participation in any of Mercer’s voluntary benefits plans is completely voluntary. Voluntary benefits are not subsidized by Blue Shield of California. If you have questions about coverage amounts or benefits, please reach out to Mercer at 1-800-609-8504.